Q:  Can you make me a cake? I live in California.

A:  Unfortunately at this time, I am unable to safely ship your products out of Utah.  I’m working on it, I promise!  I love hearing from you, though!

Q:  Can you make me a cake for Friday?

A:  Maybe, but probably not.  😦  Please give me two weeks notice for all projects so I can arrange my schedule.

Q:  How do I pick my cake up?

A:  I live in Clearfield, but I can meet you pretty much anywhere!

Q:  I want to see the naughty cakes but they are password protected.

A:  To see the password protected naughty cakes, please type in: imakecake at your own discretion. 😉

Q:  Is there anything specific you need to know when I’m ordering?

A:  Yes!

  1. What kind of cake and frosting do you want?
  2. How many are you serving?
  3. When do you need it by?
  4. Do you have toys that we can use for the cake if needed or will I need to order some?
  5. Please alert me of any food allergies you, your child, or any guests may have.

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