Wild Things


I successfully carried out my first party-planning venture!  My client’s little boy was turning one.  She gave me full creative control, so I decided to throw a Where the Wild Things Are party!  It was a huge success.  The only downside was that at the party, I got extremely sick and had to go home early, leaving my trooper of a husband to clean up.  My sweet grandmother passed the same week, and her funeral was the day before the party.  I had held it all together, but it was like after the party was set up, my body knew and it totally shut down!  Thankfully, my assistant volunteered to stay, and a friend gave me a ride home.

I had so much fun planning a party around one of my favorite books and am looking forward to doing it again!  I hope Baf will one day look at these pictures and read his guest book and be filled with warm fuzzies, realizing how special the day was and how many people love him! Here are a few highlights!

I decided that the birthday boy needed a Max suit, so I ordered this one from Amazon.

DSCF4151 (2)

He’s sitting in his sail boat that my husband made, ready to sail to the wild kingdom!

DSCF4161 (3)

The banners above him are from PaperandPlanes on Etsy, and the poms are from TheShowerPlanner.

I made him a wild cake, along with a smash cake, some cake pops and some wild paws from chocolate chip cookies!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tableware and netting were from the Dollar tree.  The poms were homemade, except for Max.

My cute banner, forks, the crown, draws, and the sign are from the deluxe party package by Designs by Purcell.  It also came with these cute crayon wraps.


I printed out some coloring pages for the kids to color on while they wore their party hats and blow horns, also included in the package!


Favors were these adorable candy bars and cookies, also by Designs by Purcell.


As a present, Baf got a copy of the book, which everyone signed and wrote messages for him in.  The King was very happy with his party, and after changing into this onesie by Stella’s Shop, and Crown by Designs by Purcell, he dismissed us all.

If you’re interested in me planning a party for you, my fee is $150, and your set budget. Give me a shout out!

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