Draculaura Cake

I recently made a Monster High Barbie Cake for my baby girl, Liv.  She brought her barbie over with wet hair and said, “Mom just brushed out all of her tangles,” which got me thinking…maybe Draculaura was in need of a birthday makeover.  So, I set out to find out if curling barbie hair was possible.  OMG, you guys…it totally IS!!  I about died.  I have to share this knowledge.  I’m going to be the best mom ever…and so can you!  😉

Okay, so, take your barbie and brush out all of her tangles.  I think Jana, Liv’s mom, used detangler.  Now, get her hair really wet and gather your supplies.  You’ll need straws, a comb, foil, and bobby pins.  Cut all of your straws into pieces a little more than an inch wide.  Cut your aluminum foil into one inch pieces as well.  I’d say you need about 20ish of each.  Now get comfy and catch up on your DVR.  Comb your dolls hair again and separate into peices.  I used about 1/4 inch pieces.  The littler your pieces are, the tighter the curl.  Fold a piece of foil around the free end (farthest from her scalp) of the piece of hair.  Now, roll around the straw just like it was a curler. Once you’ve rolled her hair, secure both ends by slipping a bobby pin through each end of the straw.  By the end, she should look like a crazy person.  Now comes the scary part.  Boil a cup of water.  Yeah, you heard me, boil a cup of water!  Okay, now, stick her head in.  Well, try to just stick her hair in, but her face shouldn’t melt if she’s a high quality barbie.  Leave her in for about five minutes while you clean up.  Now take her out and let her air dry over night.

Now, take out a curl and jump up and down!  OMG!!!  It’s amazing!!  No more nappy barbie hair for your dolls!  I mean, your daughter’s dolls.  Or in my case…my neighbors’…or nieces’.  Whatev.  I like Barbies okay?  What of it?  Anyway, now just separate carefully (unless you like that Anne of Green Gables look) and style.  Present to your little and receive much squealing and delight.


You’re welcome.


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