Sesame Street Cake Pops

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Sesame Street Cake Pops.  $15 for one dozen.  Available in one character or all three. Perfect for a toddler’s birthday party!  Mini character cake is 6 inches and perfect for a first birthday.  Let your baby dig in to their own cake while guests enjoy the pops.  Mini Character cake is $17.

Please note that I have not made Cookie Monster or Oscar yet and the images of them are not mine.

4 Comments to “Sesame Street Cake Pops”

  1. Hey Ms. Chelsi,
    My little guy is turning 2 on the 23rd….we are planning an extravaganza on the 22nd. Interested in making some sesame street pops for his party? I’m thinking around 4o of them….

  2. You are a miracle worker! The cake pops turned out seriously amazing! Emerson was so excited to see Elmo in a pop! The smaller Elmo cake you made was just as fabulous! Thank you thank you thank you! ❤

  3. Yay!! I’m so glad! Spence said Emerson was the cutest baby ever!

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