Bridal Shower Cakes

I’ve always wanted to make these for a bridal shower!  Bridal Shower cakes, large cake serves 20.  Individual cakes serve 2-3.  Perfect as a thank you to your bridesmaids!  Bride Cake, $20-45, depending on intricacy of custom design.  Bridesmaid cakes, $10/each or 4/$25.

Please Note:  I have not yet made these cakes and this image is not mine.


9 Comments to “Bridal Shower Cakes”

  1. I have to plan my sisters bridal shower….and I was looking online for bridal cakes…I absolutely fell in love with this cake..The wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses are soooo cute… I was wondering exactly how much it would cost me? There is suppose to be 13 ppl attending not including the bride…Also, do you ship the cakes? Please let me know

  2. I would love to make these for you! The big cake serves about ten people and the bridesmaids serve one-two. The Bride Cake is $20-45, depending on intricacy of custom design. $25 would be for the design in the picture, more for more beading, lace, etc. The bridesmaid cakes are $10/each or 4/$25. I can also customize the designs and colors of those, colors free of charge but more beading and lace etc will cost more. I’m afraid I don’t ship cakes..I’ve never dared for fear of how they would turn out. Where do you live?

  3. Hi:

    Where are you located? I’m in Inland Empire, CA and I would love to order this!

  4. Where are u? I leave in Pocatello idaho. I love this design of cakes and I even have other concepts I would like u to check out. But am considering distance that is if u are far from me

  5. Hi Mola!
    I’m in Clearfield. Are you ever down south?

  6. Hi I am inlove with ur cakes and in love with this design and would love to order the bride cake and 4 bridesmaid cake. How much would that be? And do you deliver to newyork?

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